The Lost Art of Writing

A lament to the old fashioned method of writing letters, notes, hand. This photo was taken in Bleak House, the old home of Charles Dickens. Overlooking the sea at Broadstairs! As it turns out, Broadstairs has a special resonance with our family, the Somerfords, as we used to take our summer holidays there.

In those days, I used to write letters to my best friends even when I was away en famille as a great source of amusement and fun, presumably from the guest house we were all staying at. These letters were pretty crazy scribblings if I can invent that word! - and not alien to the idea of the odd biscuit crumb thrown in for good measure!



10.08.2014 22:03

Very poignantly put!

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30.12 | 19:39

Hello Cathy! Well done! It's an awesome picture! Xx

12.12 | 16:53

Hi Cathy, lovely to meet you the other day ( in my crystal shop,Pewsey). The photographs are impressive, several times the image suggested other forms, I had some kind of optical effect which was fun!

02.06 | 19:03

Hope your Op went well Cathy and you are back home resting.
Sending you Get well wishes for a speedy recovery. We`ll miss you tomorrow. I`m off to Naxos on Saturday until July 1st. Kathy xx

05.02 | 10:11

Nice stained glass window pics here....I'll send you a few from Greenwich

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