West Norwood Feast of November ~

Another month...another West Norwood Feast!

A lazy venture out after the deluge of rain

Found the stalls and people in action;

A variety of food, plants, music, gifts of all kinds -

And a free coffee and cake with Anna (thank you Anna!)...

With a "Memories of West Norwood" book

written by local people, here is

A woman after my Own Heart!

Memories of the Old..and not so Old

Colour the Vision of the Future...

The Walk of Autumn at Norwood and More ~

20 Norwood High Street
London, SE27 9NR


20 Norwood High Street
London, SE27 9NR


Greyness of pigeons pecking through the Autumn leaves

merge with grey clouds hiding an elusive sun after

A misty morning.

The colours of Acer would be gloriously emphasised in sunlight -

Yet Norwood Park holds its' own peaceful aura

No matter what.

What makes the branch of a tree

take a certain direction?

I like to think of a tree as the Life

of a Human Soul.

Sometimes branches are forced as if by

Buses brushing past trees along the pavement -

but mostly, Nature is in charge; thus no two

Trees are the same...

"En retour" the Book and Record Bar is well worth a visit!

Un po' d'Italiano, Il Bosco di Great North Wood ~~

Some days later, the frost has arrived....

Some days later, the frost has arrived....

Domenica, il 14 dicembre 2014

Merging with the scattering leaves

Caught in a gust of wind

along the Great North Wood.

È una giornata bellissima!

Oggi, gli amici del parco

di Norwood dedicaranno

L'Albero di Natale qui...

Mah dov'è? Non ho riesco di trovarlo..

Belatedly added!

Let's Hear it for our National Bird!

Let's Hear it for our National Bird!

Beautiful Lambeth Palace Gardens

Beautiful Lambeth Palace Gardens

Revisiting the Great North Wood

Sunday, 24th July 2016

It's been some time since any additions here, and, inspired by Brian Cox's latest tv programme, found myself pondering in a quiet moment at the park:-

Every moment has its' space

Unique, isolated space

Being aware

Of the planet turning

Highlights the Space.

Majority of the Time -

Which governs it all

We don't appreciate this Space.

But it is the gift of Life.

Dedicated in Memory to our dear friend Hélène, R.I.P. 27 April 1947-29 June 2016

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30.12 | 19:39

Hello Cathy! Well done! It's an awesome picture! Xx

12.12 | 16:53

Hi Cathy, lovely to meet you the other day ( in my crystal shop,Pewsey). The photographs are impressive, several times the image suggested other forms, I had some kind of optical effect which was fun!

02.06 | 19:03

Hope your Op went well Cathy and you are back home resting.
Sending you Get well wishes for a speedy recovery. We`ll miss you tomorrow. I`m off to Naxos on Saturday until July 1st. Kathy xx

05.02 | 10:11

Nice stained glass window pics here....I'll send you a few from Greenwich

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